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At Sweet Dreams Farm, our goal is to ensure that you and the horse you purchase are an appropriate match. We want you to be thrilled with your new partner, and our "babies" to have the best home possible. The horses we represent are either our own or ones we have trained or personally know. We are NOT a broker, so you can be assured of honest representation; we want happy owners with happy horses!
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[A] = Under $5K
[B] = $5K - $14K
[C] = $15K - $24K
[D] = $25K - $39K
[E] = $40K - $59K
[F] = $60K and above
[PT] = Private Treaty
In our many years of dealing with horses and people, we are still amazed by some of the unethical things that occur. We have written an article titled
Philosophy & Personal Guidelines on Selling and Buying Horses. 
We hope it will be of interest to you and will give you better insight into how we conduct our business.
WINDFALL SDF ~ 2003, 16+ hh, WPN, mare, light bay
Taxateur (WPN) ~ Noni (Hol) / Liocalyon (Hol)
Smart, powerful, personable mare with outstanding gaits. Proven broodmare (produced Con Brio SDF, 2015 HOY winner in Third Level FreeStyle!). Moved up to Third Level Summer of 2015, has talent for FEI!  [D]
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ELANA SDF ~ 05/2009, 16.1 hh, OldGOV, mare, black bay/slight rabicano
Starlight (OldGOV) ~ Evita SDF xx  / Swedaeus xx
Ella is a very elegant mare, very modern, leggy, and an amazing mover!  Very personable, with uphill gaits with tons of action and suspension. Her training has been delayed due to owner's lack of time, but she with her brain and athleticism she will advance quickly.She was recently backed and is proving to be imminently trainable with a wonderful, floaty feel! [D]
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Updated 10/17/15
AVANT GARDE SDF ~ 04/2005, 16.2 hh, WPN, gelding, bay
Ijsselmeer Ikepono (WPN) ~ Phantastique SDF (Hol) / Fabio I (Hol)
Vinnie is a great guy that we are deciding what to do with. On one hand, he is a very talented jumper who would be an excellent Hunter Eq horse. On the other, his dressage continues to improve, and he is starting to feel pretty great there, too! His willing attitude and sweet temperament lend themselves to whatever an amateur wants to do! [D]
FASCINATING RHYTHM SDF ~ 2007, 16.1hh, OldNA, gelding, dark bay
Fred Astair (Han) ~ Evita SDF xx / Swedaeus xx
Sweet, people-friendly, and a great mover, Nate is a super horse with international FEI potential. Moved up to PSG summer of 2015, received 65+% at first show! Temperament makes him a great choice for Jr/YR/AA, ability makes him a great choice for pro! X-rays available. [F]
sdfweboct17_2015003010.jpg sdfweboct17_2015003009.gif
SOLD! Congratulations Pam!
CATALINA SDF ~2006, 16- hh, OldGOV, mare, dark bay
Fred Astair (Han) ~ Capricious SDF (OldNA)  / West Coast (Han)
renamed Lady Lena
CAPRICIOUS SDF ~ 2002, 16.1 hh, OldNA, mare, bay
West Coast (Han) ~ Sweet Dreams Magic xx / Buck the Blues xx
Gorgeous mare who just moved up to PSG summer of 2015. Very uphill with forte for collection, talent for passage. Proven broodmare (produced Catalina SDF, aka Lady Lena). Wonderful temperament, easy to train, and easy to sit make her a great amateur's prospect for a soft rider. [E]
BALLADEER SDF ~ 04/16/2011, 16.1 hh, OldGOV, gelding, black bay
Bugatti Hilltop (Han) ~ Evita SDF xx  / Swedaeus xx
Dylan is a breath-taking mover, definitely international quality. He is ready to be started and will be backed by winter 2015. Intelligent, friendly, willing, and athletic - he has it all! Did I mention incredibly handsome, too?
sdfweboct17_2015003007.jpg sdfweboct17_2015003006.gif
SOLD! Congratulations Anne!
Wrigadoon SDF ~ 04/2003, 16.3hh, OldNA, gelding, chestnut
Wild Card (Han) ~ Sweet Dreams Magic xx / Buck the Blues xx
SOLD! Congratulations Franziska!
 CON BRIO SDF ~ 05/2007, 16+ hh, WPN, gelding, bay
Sir Sinclair (WPN) ~ Windfall SDF (WPN) / Taxateur (WPN)
Phantastique SDF ~ 2000, 16.3 hh, Hol, mare, bay
Fabio I(Hol) ~ Leading Lyndsey xx / Rallying Cry xx
Lovely mare who is quickly returning to Third Level after a few years off for breeding. Proven broodmare (produced Avant Garde SDF, see below).She is a wonderful amateur's mount for anyone who needs a big horse who is light to the aids. A lot of fun! [C]