~ 40 acres, 18 of which are in irrigated pasture, with more in the works 
Turn-outs ranging from 1 to 5 acres
Horse-safe web fencing around pastures, perimeter wire fencing
Main concrete barn with 14'x14' stalls, fans, indoor wash rack with hot water, tack room with A/C, bathroom with shower, and washer/dryer
Foaling barn with its own paddock
Many arenas and places to ride, including a round pen, free-jump ring, grass jump ring, and full dressage arena with improved footing
Full bank of mirrors on the short side of the dressage arena, recently rebuilt
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We are proud of the facility we are building here. We are always working on improvements, and at this time we offer:
Sheri Evers-Rock ~ 352-472-3047 ~ 1840 SE 45 Ave ~ Trenton, FL 32693 ~ sheri@sweetdreamsfarm.com