SWEET DREAMS MAGIC ~ 1987, 16 hh, Tb, mare, bay
Buck the Blues xx ~ Flaring Star xx / Owen Tudor xx
Magic was our foundation mare when we established SDF. I had purchased her dam when in foal to produce Sweet Dreams Sun (retired). After foaling, Magic was the product of my first foray into breeding. We started and trained her (another first) and competed her in dressage and eventing. She had a wonderful jump, and it was only my lack of dressage training that limited her dressage career.
Magic was a wonderful mare who produced five foals out of four different stallions. When I changed my focus from thoroughbreds to warmbloods, we presented her for OldNA approval, which she was granted. All get developed into athletes with wonderful temperaments. In 2005 she had to be euthanized due to coffin bone rotation. We are grateful for having such a wonderful mare to start our journey with!
At SDF we are very proud of our young stock. We breed a select few mares that display desirable traits to international quality performance stallions that we feel will give the best "niche." After years of perfecting this craft, we feel we have made some excellent choices and now have one of the nicest young horse herds in the country.
Come see for yourself!
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Sweet Dreams Quintessence
1994, by Johanniter (SWB)
Showed in H/J, eventing, dressage, and sold as a low-level dressage school-master.
Wunderbar SDF
2000, by West Coast (Han)
Sold to become a very successful hunter.
Cordovan SDF
2001, by Cor Noir (Hol)
Sold to become a successful jumper.
Capricious SDF
2002, by West Coast (Han)
Currently competing successfully in 3L dressage. Offered for sale. Click on picture for her sales page
Wrigadoon SDF
2003, by Wild Card (Han)
Sold, in training for dressage & hunter.
sdfweboct17_2015009036.gif sdfweboct17_2015009035.jpg
PHANTASTIQUE SDF ~ 2000, 16.3 hh, Hol, mare, bay
Fabio I (Hol) ~ Leading Lyndsey xx / Rallying Cry xx
We purchased "Phannie's" dam, Lyndsey, when pregnant with Phannie, planning on using her as a foundation mare. Fate had other plans, and we lost Lyndsey when Phannie was two weeks old. Our BLM mustang adopted and raised Phannie, who turned into an elegant, athletic mare. Phannie is also approved for breeding by the WPN, and in 1994 we bred her to Ijsselmeer Ikepono to produce Avant Garde SDF. After weaning Phannie was started under-saddle.
After doing some cross-training over fences, we concentrated on dressage. Phannie was schooling second level and showing first, with scores into the 70's at schooling shows. We bred Phannie in 2011 but she slipped the foal in the first trimester. Due to our own circumstances, we have made the decision to not try again and will put her back in training when time permits.
Avant Garde SDF
2005, by Ijsselmeer (WPN)
Wonderfully sweet, very easy to work with. Offered for sale.
Click on picture for his sale page
sdfweboct17_2015009032.jpg sdfweboct17_2015009031.gif
EVITA SDF ~ 1999, 15.3 hh, Tb, mare, bay
Swedaus xx ~ Sierra Santana xx / Fountain of Gold xx
We purchased "Evie" to become a foundation mare after working with her full sister, whom a client had purchased. We were very impressed with the smooth movement, willing temperament, and athleticism of the sister. When we heard that Evie was for sale, we bought her and took her to the ISR/OldNA approvals the next day. She had never trailered, carried a bit/bridle, or worked in hand, yet she presented as if we had been training for months! That kind of willing temperament is just what we want in a broodmare (or any horse, for that matter)!
Evie has never been trained under-saddle, because her job has been to produce foals. And what a great job she has done! She is approved by both the OldNA and OldGOV registries. She has had three foals by three different stallions in two different registries and all have received premium status. The colts were presented OldNA and both received the highest movement scores at their approvals!
Evie was bred back to Bugatti Hilltop in 2010 and produced a gorgeous colt, Balladeer SDF ("Dylan") in 2011. Another amazing foal!
sdfweboct17_2015009029.jpg sdfweboct17_2015009028.jpg sdfweboct17_2015009026.jpg
Beau Visage SDF
2005, by Bugatti Hilltop (Han)
Gorgeous, very easy to work with.
Fascinating Rhythm SDF
2007, by Fred Astair (Han)
Mind as good as his movement! Offered for sale.
Click on picture for his sale page
Elana SDF
2009, by Starlight (Old)
Friendly, tall, beautiful.
 Offered for sale.
Click on picture for her sale page
sdfweboct17_2015009025.jpg sdfweboct17_2015009024.gif
CLAYMORE AMITY ~ 1999, 14.2 hh, Conn, mare, bay
Seven Hills Grey Ghost ~ Balmullo's Rhiannon  / Concord Roaring River Bay
Amity is an outstanding example of a sport pony. Our farrier owns Claymore Connemaras, and he started sending us his ponies to start and sell. Amity was a delight to work with and had a ton of sporthorse potential. Another client of mine was also impressed with her, and leased her for breeding to Rivano, a holsteiner by Riverman. We were so impressed with this cross that we decided to purchase Amity for breeding ourselves. Unfortunately, due to the market we will not pursue this breeding and are placing her back in training when a slot opens. She will be available for purchase once she's conditioned back up. Amity is a very brave, willing jumper with a horse-size stride and movement. Look for her later in the year!
Rastaman Jeeves
2006, by Rivano (Hol)
Delightful cob prospect for dressage or over-fences. Started under-saddle. Offered for sale.
Click on picture for his sale page
SWEET DREAMS MINDALE ~ 1985, 14.1 hh, Mustang, mare, ch.
In 1988 we adopted Mindy just to save her. The BLM had an adoption program and we just couldn't see these horses and not try to help one. Later that year, she and Sweet Dreams Sun got together and produced Karma (see above). Karma was such a neat baby that we decided to breed her to a friend's arabian. The result was SD Khali-Min Rasool, a really cool boy who could do a bit of everything. He was quite a nice mover and did well in dressage and over-fences. He was eventually sold to a young girl who did Pony Club with him until she out-grew him, then sold him to a 7 yr old who was in love with him. Mindy turned out to be a producer of good brains, feet, and willingness. She now is happily turned out with Evie and Karma and a life of leisure.
FLARING STAR ~ 1972, 15.3 hh, Thoroughbred, mare, bay.
Abe's Hope xx ~ *Tudor Star xx / *Owen Tudor xx
You could say that this is the mare who started it all. We purchased her in foal by Nimble Sport and produced Sweet Dreams Sun. This was the first foal we ever produced, and boy what a journey this started! We then bred back to the Tb stallion Buck the Blues to produce Sweet Dreams Magic (see above). We are now on our fourth generation from this line! It is incredible, humbling, and amazing to be a part of producing so many wonderful horses spanning more than two decades!
sdfweboct17_2015009018.jpg sdfweboct17_2015009016.jpg
SD Khali-Min Rasool
1991, by Khalid el Bask (Arab)
Lots of fun! Sold to young rider who was successful in Pony Club.
Sweet Dreams Karma
1989, by Sweet Dreams Sunxx
Producer of Shambhala SDF. Click on picture to scroll up to her bio.
Sweet Dreams Sun
1986, by Nimble Sport xx
Very playful and silly for all his 25 yrs of age!
Sweet Dreams Magic
1987, by Buck the Blues xx
Click on picture to scroll to her bio.
Sheri Evers-Rock ~ 352-472-3047 ~ 1840 SE 45 Ave ~ Trenton, FL 32693 ~
SWEET DREAMS KARMA ~ 1989, 16.2 hh, AWS, mare, bay
Sweet Dreams Sun xx ~ Sweet Dreams Mindale (Mustang)
Karma was a wonderful mistake produced when our BLM mustang broke out one night to be with our still-intact 17.1hh Tb, Sweet Dreams Sun. She had wonderful jumping ability coupled with an unflappable attitude. We bred her later in life to Stiletto (trak), producing the wonderful mare Shambhala SDF. Sham was sold in 2012 through Valhalla Farm as an eventing prospect.
Shambhala SDF
2004, by Stiletto (Trak)
Excellent movement coupled with jumping lineage. Sold in 2012 through Valhalla Farm as an eventing prospect.
Balladeer SDF
2011, by Bugatti Hilltop (Han)
Awesome movement! Offered for sale.
Click on picture for his sale page
NONI ~ 1998, 16 hh, Hol, mare, bay
Liocalyon (Hol) ~ Susi (BavWB) / Corvinius
Noni was a client's horse that we trained off and on for years, then was generously given to us. Sheri trained her to PSG, receiving one of her scores towards her Silver Medal. Unfortunately, she then tore her stifle meniscus, ending her riding career. She was bred in 2002 to Taxateur (DWB) and produced Windfall SDF, a lovely mare currently showing well. 
Con Brio SDF
2007, by Sir Sinclair (WPN)
Wonderfully sweet, international quality. Sold on 2014.
WINDFALL SDF ~ 2003, 16 hh, DWB, mare, bay
Taxateur(DWB) ~ Noni (Hol) / Liocalyon (Hol) 
Windfall was bred in 2005 to produce Con Brio SDF, who is ready to start his show career. Winnie is in training full time and is progressing nicely. She is an amazing mover and a character. We call her our "diva." She and her son are for sale - just click on their pictures to go to their pages.