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"Capri" is a gorgeous mare who is a joy to ride. She is very friendly, and loves to get attention (she especially loves it when you blow in her nose!). She exhibits three nice gaits and usually receives gait scores of 7 - 8 at recognized shows. She is registered and approved ISR/OldNA, receiving a score of "100" at her mare approval. In 2006 she produced a beautiful filly by Fred Astair (Han), Catalina SDF, sold in 2015 and now being successfully shown by her new AA owner under the name of Lady Lena.
Capri's training is advancing nicely, and this summer of 2015 we moved her up to PSG. Her changes need a bit more confirmation, but she shows talent for pirouettes and passage. Her laterals (both in trot and canter) often receive an "8!" We are looking forward to continuing to advance her - all the way to Grand Prix!
Capri is very easy to sit and a lot of fun to ride. She would make a great Jr/YR horse, or a wonderful AA mount for a rider who loves a sensitive yet sensible mount. She is a joy - just whisper your aid and she responds!
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