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"Phannie" is a sweet mare with three good gaits. She was trained to Third Level and showed great jumping talent, but then had a few years off due to breeding and owner's circumstances.
At the beginning of 2015 Phannie was leased by Paul Hamlin, an AA, and quickly came back into shape. She and rider Paul easily qualified for the Regional Championships in both Training and First Level, where they had two lovely rides. Phannie will continue moving up with her training and we expect her to be back to Third Level work early in 2016.
Phannie is approved for breeding in both the AHHA and WPN. She produced Avant Garde SDF, who is also listed on this site.
Phannie is a great choice for someone who needs a big horse, but wants one who is light to the aids. She has had fairly minimal total time under saddle, and is totally sound with no issues. We expect her to have many more years ahead of her. This is a great opportunity to buy a quality mare with great athleticism for a very reasonable price!
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