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"Winnie" is a powerhouse with FEI potential. She is a bit of a diva, and has a lot of personality. She is very quick to learn and willing to try. She can be a bit "looky," momentarily coming off the aids if something catches her eye. However, she does not produce large spooks and comes right back as soon as you reinforce the aids. She is a lot of fun to work with - you just have to be one step ahead of her!
Winnie is by Taxateur, the first Dutch stallion to be imported into the US. Taxateur was highly regarded for producing great movers who are very trainable. When we were considering using him for stud, he had a number of get in the HOY standings, in both USEF and FEI levels. Unfortunately, he has since passed on and we do not have a web-site referral.
Winnie is a proven broodmare who produced a Dutch colt of such quality that he was considered a stallion prospect. Con Brio SDF, by Sir Sinclair, was sold in 2014 to Franziska Seidl, and the pair won the HOY award in Third Level FreeStyle with a median score of 76+%!
Winnie was started late (due to breeding her) but she is now showing Third Level. In August of 2015 she made her Third Level debut, showing in Test 3, and received a score of 64.6%. We were especially pleased that she received scores of "7" on her changes, even though they are not yet fully confirmed.
Winnie will be a wonderful mount for anyone wanting to bring a horse up through the levels with the ability to breed exceptionally high quality progeny after her career.
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