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2007, 16+ hh, OldNA, G, bay
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"Nate" is a handsome boy with international potential. He has everything one can ask for in a top dressage prospect - brilliant movement, amazing presence, and a lovely temperament. He craves attention, is very curious, and is very intelligent. He is an outstanding mount for Jr/YR, or any amateur or pro who wants to have fun and move up the levels.
Nate has been a very consistent competitor at shows. In the summer of 2015 we moved him up to PSG, and he made his show debut with a 65+%! He qualified for the Regional Championship in just two shows, and received a 61+% average in the class. Considering it was only his third time out, we were very pleased! He has talent for piaffe and passage, and is definitely Grand Prix bound!
Nate is a great choice for the serious competitor who wants an athletic, talented horse who is fun, willing, and very personable!