Sheri Evers-Rock ~ 352-472-3047 ~ 1840 SE 45 Ave ~ Trenton, FL 32693 ~
2009, 16.1 hh, OldGOV, M, dark bay
When a foal, "Ella" had to have been the leggiest baby we had ever seen. She continued that growth and is already 16.1+hh. She is maturing into an incredibly elegant, modern mare. She is possibly the best mover we have produced.
Ella has inherited her lovely, friendly temperament and exceptional movement from both parents. Ella's sire, Starlight, has had a very successful international career, competing both in America and Germany. Her dam, Evita SDF, has consistently produced foals of high trainability and good looks.
Due to the owner's circumstances, Ella was not backed put into training until earlier this year in 2015. She quickly showed a wonderful work ethic and quick mind. She has been a pleasure to work with, and the first time backing was a breeze! Amazingly, she is very balanced under-saddle, and is already steering circles and diagonals after just a few sessions! This video shows Ella's fourth time in the arena, and only about her 7th time trotting under-saddle! With this athleticism and willingness, she will quickly rise through the levels!
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